Landlord/Tenant – After the entry of a Judgment for Possession at the District Court, our client’s tenant filed an appeal to the County Court.  We were able to demonstrate that the tenant failed to comply with certain procedural rules, and the appeal was then stricken, allowing our client to take possession of the property. 

Real Estate
– After a real estate deal gone bad, our client was faced with a claim for “Specific Performance” in which the other party asked the Court to force our client to vacate and sell his home to her.  The matter proceeded to trial and we were successful in defeating the Specific Performance claim. The other party appealed, and we argued the case before the Pennsylvania Superior Court, which then affirmed the trial court. 

Property Tax Assessment Appeal
– Our clients purchased a newly constructed home and discovered the property taxes were much higher than expected.  We appealed the assessment, attended the Hearing, and ultimately secured a lower property tax assessment for our clients, all for a flat fee.

Mortgage Foreclosure
– Following the death of her brother, our client was appointed Executrix of the Estate.  When the mortgage company foreclosed on the house, we defended the matter and our client was able to sell the house to resolve the foreclosure prior to a Judgment or Sheriff Sale.

Real Estate – Our client was displaced from her home as a result of a catastrophic fire, and she then fell behind on her mortgage payments.  When the bank foreclosed, we defended the case and our client was able to Reinstate the Mortgage using insurance proceeds to resolve the Foreclosure case prior to a Judgment or Sheriff Sale.

Estate Administration
– Our client was handling the administration of her sister’s Estate without the assistance of an attorney, and she only needed help with the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return.  We were hired on a flat fee basis and prepared and filed the Inheritance Tax Return, which was accepted as filed.

Real Estate
– Our client fell behind on his mortgage as a result of a financial hardship, and the bank foreclosed.  We defended the case and our client was able to obtain a Loan Modification to resolve the matter, with the foreclosure case being discontinued prior to a Judgment or Sheriff Sale.

Estate Administration
– When our client’s mother passed away, the family began the process of listing their mother’s house for sale, only to find out they needed to open probate.  We assisted the client with opening probate and administering the Estate, and the house was sold in a timely manner.

Landlord / Tenant – Our clients paid their rent and were model tenants for over a decade.  When they reported their landlord for code violations, the landlord then pursued eviction in retaliation, and we vigorously defended the matter, pursued counterclaims, and ultimately secured thousands of dollars for our clients by way of a settlement.​​

Real Estate – Our clients owned property in which several adult family members resided.  Our clients wanted to sell the property, but the occupants refused to move.  We filed an Ejectment matter and secured possession of the property.

Landlord / Tenant – Our client won a District Court landlord/tenant case, but the tenant filed a Petition with the County Court seeking permission to file a late appeal.  We defended the matter and the tenant’s request to file a late appeal was denied. 

Real Estate
– For several decades, our clients possessed and maintained an area that was part of their neighbors’ deeded lot.  We filed a claim for Adverse Possession.  The matter was contested by the neighbors but we ultimately secured a Judgment on the eve of Trial declaring our clients the lawful and exclusive owners of the disputed area.

​Landlord / Tenant – Despite always paying her rent on time, our client was sued by her landlord for allegedly unpaid rent and thousands of dollars in alleged damage to the property.  We vigorously defended the case, and the landlord withdrew the lawsuit shortly before we were scheduled to go to Court, with our client paying nothing to the landlord. 

Debt Collection
– Our client purchased an automobile with third-party financing and after an alleged default the lender repossessed the vehicle and sued our client for the balance on the loan.  We proceeded to Arbitration and secured an award in favor of our client by demonstrating that the lender had not complied with certain statutorily required prerequisites.  

Slip & Fall Accident – After a snow storm, our client slipped and fell while walking across a store parking lot, sustaining significant injuries.  The store’s insurance company argued that our client was a trespasser and initially refused to settle the claim.  We filed suit and vigorously pursued the action, ultimately securing a Judgment in our client’s favor and, thereafter, a six figure settlement.

Slip & Fall Accident
– Our client slipped and fell on ice as she left work, and was initially limited to Workers’ Compensation benefits.  We conducted an investigation and filed suit, and ultimately secured settlements from both the snow removal contractor and the property owner for our client’s pain and suffering.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident, and the other driver filed a lawsuit as a result.  Unfortunately, our client discovered that her insurance coverage had lapsed shortly before the accident.  We defended the lawsuit, which was ultimately resolved without any contribution from our client. 

Breach of Contract – Our client, a local small business, performed emergency work at a residential property following a damaging wind storm.  The homeowner, despite receiving funds from his insurance company, refused to pay our client for the services rendered.  We filed suit and promptly secured full payment for our client.

Real Estate – Our clients enjoyed the privacy and screening provided by a natural buffer at the rear of their yard.  When a neighbor had a landscaping company remove the buffer, we filed suit against the neighbor and the landscaper and secured a large settlement for our clients with both the neighbor and the landscaper contributing to the settlement. 

Real Estate – Our client was sued by a family member in a dispute over legal title to real estate.  The parties agreed to sell the subject property and the proceeds were placed in escrow.  After filing a Motion and securing a Court Order, the escrow funds were released to our client.

Debt Collections – Following a financial hardship, a lawsuit was filed against our client by his credit card company.  We defended the case and negotiated a favorable settlement for our client, allowing him to resolve the matter by paying only a portion of the amount owed. 

Zoning / Land Development – Our client wanted to expand a non-conforming institutional use at a property zoned only for residential use.  We worked with the project engineer and the builder to secure the variance needed from the Zoning Hearing Board, and construction is now underway.

Real Estate – After selling their home, our clients received a letter from an attorney asserting claims and seeking money on behalf of the buyer for alleged issues with the property.  We analyzed the letter and the buyer’s claims and vigorously contested the attorney’s assertions.  Our clients made no payment to the buyer, and the buyer did not pursue further legal action.

Landlord / Tenant – We recently represented a Landlord who discovered extensive damage to his rental property after an aggrieved tenant was evicted.  We filed a lawsuit against the former tenant, who claimed she did not damage the property.  The lawsuit proceeded to Trial, and the Court awarded monetary damages to our client and against the former tenant for the damage to the property. 

Breach of Contract – Nearly 60 years after concluding his employment with a local oil refinery, our client contacted us to secure unpaid retirement benefits.  We were able to track down the current successor entity and assert a claim, resulting in a lump-sum payment to our client for unpaid benefits. 

Quiet Title – Our client wanted to sell his property, but the buyer was unable to obtain Title Insurance because our client had purchased the property many years before at a Tax Upset Sale.  We filed a Quiet Title action and secured a timely Judgment affirming our client’s ownership and precluding claims by the prior owner and various other entities. 

Motor Vehicle Accident – While driving through an intersection, our client’s vehicle was struck by a drunk driver who was speeding and failed to stop at a red traffic signal.  Our client sustained significant injuries, and we were able to secure a six-figure settlement for our client from multiple insurance companies without filing a lawsuit.  The matter was resolved quickly, and without the need for our client to endure a long legal battle. 

Employment Contract – Our client was sued by his former employer for alleged breaches of his Employment Contract.  We vigorously defended the case and we prevailed at Arbitration.  The employer then appealed the decision and the matter was scheduled for Trial.  Despite having spent a considerable sum on attorneys’ fees and Court costs, the employer then withdrew the case on the eve of Trial, with no payment whatsoever from our client. 

Real Estate – Our clients inherited a house and wanted to sell before the unpaid Mortgage resulted in a Sheriff Sale, but a squatter in the house prevented a sale.  We filed an Ejectment action to secure possession of the property for our clients and defended the Foreclosure case to allow our clients time to sell.  After the sale of the property, our clients’ Realtor had the following kind words, which he has allowed us to share: “Really Matt, thank you sincerely.  Most attorneys would have not picked up the phone like you did.  We are lucky to get them to call back after several messages.  I would recommend you to anyone.”

LLC Formation – We recently assisted with LLC formation, a Commercial Lease review, drafting of a formal LLC Operating Agreement, and preparing multiple Buy-Sell Agreements for Royersford Urban Air LLC which will be opening a new indoor trampoline adventure park in the Limerick Square Shopping Center.  Click HERE to check out the fun coming to Royersford. 

Administrative Appeal – Our client applied for a license with the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine and received a provisional denial based on concerns about her moral character.  We filed an appeal, attended a Hearing in Harrisburg, and presented testimony from several witnesses to establish the good moral character of our client.  The Hearing Officer agreed that our client met her burden of proof, and Ordered that the license be granted. 

Property Tax Appeal – Our client built a new house and received an Interim Assessment Notice which dramatically overvalued her home.  We filed an appeal and were successful in having our client’s property taxes reduced by over $7,000 per year.

Mechanics’ Lien – We represented a local business that performed substantial work to retrofit a large office building, but was not paid by the owner for the work.  By placing a Mechanics’ Lien on the office building, and filing a Breach of Contract lawsuit, we were able to motivate the owner to issue payment and resolve the matter. 

Sheriff Sale Postponed – Facing foreclosure, our client tried to secure a Loan Modification, but the bank would not process her application without cooperation from our client’s ex-husband.  When the divorce was finalized shortly before the Sheriff Sale, the bank said it was “too late” to apply.  By Petitioning the Court and appearing at a Hearing, we were able to have the Sale postponed to allow our client time to seek a Loan Modification.

Real Estate – Our client entered into a private Agreement of Sale for an investment property, and paid a deposit towards the purchase price.  The seller accepted the deposit, but then failed to complete the sale, and became unresponsive to our client.  We were able to contact the seller and secure a refund for our client of his deposit as well as his other related expenses.

Mortgage Foreclosure – When the bank filed a Foreclosure case against our client in Chester County, we were hired to help him navigate the process.  Our client was ultimately able to Reinstate the Mortgage and save his home approximately one year after the Foreclosure was filed, without a Judgment ever being entered against him. 

Administrative Hearing
– Our client was the named beneficiary of a government pension left by a family member who passed away.  When another family member challenged the beneficiary designation, we argued the case at a formal Administrative Hearing with the government entity in Harrisburg.  Following the Hearing, our client’s designation as the beneficiary was affirmed. 

Motor Vehicle Accident
– An unsecured manhole cover became dislodged and struck our client’s vehicle while she was driving during a storm.  Her vehicle was damaged and she sustained injuries from the impact.  As a result of our investigation, we located the corporate party responsible for the manhole cover and secured a monetary settlement for our client. 

Real Estate
– After purchasing a bank-owned property as an investment, our client was confronted by a squatter claiming to live in the property.  We were able to obtain an Order for Possession from the Court which allowed our client to secure the property in a timely fashion.

Property Tax Assessment Appeals- We are proud to have been successful in 100% of the Property Tax Assessment Appeals filed by our office in 2016.  Each of our appeals this year resulted in annual property tax savings of at least $1,000 for our clients, with some enjoying a savings of more than $3,400 per year.

Breach of Contract- Our client hired a contractor for home renovations and the contractor was paid for the job but didn't finish the work.  We contacted the contractor and we were able to secure a refund for our client without filing a lawsuit.

Estate Administration - Our client was a beneficiary of an Estate and the Executor had failed for several years to Administer the Estate in a timely fashion.  By advocating for our client and Petitioning the Court, we were successful in motivating the Executor to complete his duties and distribute the Estate to the beneficiaries.

Breach of Contract - After hiring our client to build a large deck, and making a few small partial payments towards the job, the homeowner stopped paying.  The contractor hired us to secure payment and the contract sum was paid in full within 30 days without going to Court. 

Property Tax Assessment Appeals - Our clients are collectively saving over $29,500 per year as a result of successful Property Tax Assessment Appeals we handled in 2015.  Our clients paid our flat fee of $500 for this process and are saving an average of over $2,000 per year on their property taxes.

Mechanics’ Lien – After hiring a contractor and paying him more than the contract sum, our client expressed her dissatisfaction with the contractor’s work.  He then abandoned the incomplete project and filed a Lien against her property.  We aggressively litigated the matter, and the contractor eventually withdrew the Lien without our client paying him another cent. 

Real Estate – Having rented for many years, our clients were ready to purchase their own home.  They found a “For Sale By Owner” listing they liked, and hired us to help prepare the necessary paperwork.  Our flat fee saved our clients thousands compared to the Commission a Real Estate Agent would have charged, and the closing took place right in our office.  

Motor Vehicle Accident – While walking across the street in a crosswalk, our client was struck by an uninsured driver making a left turn.  We submitted a claim to the PA Assigned Claims Plan and secured a monetary settlement for our client despite that the driver had no insurance.

Sheriff Sale Postponed – After retiring, our client obtained a Reverse Mortgage, but soon fell behind on taxes and insurance.  The bank foreclosed and the Sheriff Sale date was fast approaching.  By Petitioning the Court and appearing at a Hearing, we were able to secure an additional 4 months for our client to attempt to secure a repayment plan.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Our client was rear-ended while stopped in traffic.  When the insurance company refused to settle, we filed suit and proceeded to Arbitration.  Despite our client’s “limited-tort” status, we prevailed at Arbitration and were able to secure money for our client.

Home Warranty – Our client purchased a newly constructed home which came with a 1 year warranty from the builder.  When a cracked foundation wall let water into the basement, the builder refused to repair the crack under warranty.  We filed suit and the builder ultimately returned and repaired the crack, provided a 1 year warranty on his workmanship, and reimbursed our client for all of her legal fees and costs.

Property Tax Assessment Appeal – Pressed for time, we had to go the extra mile to make sure a property tax assessment appeal was filed before the deadline for our client, who then offered these kind words, which she has permitted us to share: “At the risk of sounding unprofessional, YOU ROCK!  Thank you so very much for your responsiveness….  I would have missed the boat had it not been for your efforts.”

Real Estate – A neighbor of our client cleared a large section of woods and then discovered that most of the wooded area was on our client’s property.  When the insurance company refused to pay a fair amount for the damage, we filed suit and secured a settlement of more than $50,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Our client was rear-ended on the highway and we filed suit on behalf of our client.  The insurance company initially made a settlement offer, but we proceeded to Arbitration where we secured a very favorable result.  The matter then settled for triple the insurance company's earlier offer.

Superior Court – We recently handled a Landlord/Tenant matter for a client and succeeded in quickly securing a Judgment on the Pleadings at the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas.  The other party then appealed to the Pennsylvania Superior Court and, after the submission of Briefs, the appellate Court affirmed our victory in the lower Court.

Slip & Fall Accident – Our client slipped and fell on a recently mopped floor at a local store.  When the insurance company failed to make a reasonable settlement offer, we filed suit on behalf of our client and secured a favorable monetary settlement without our client ever going to Court. 

Breach of Contract – After being contracted to perform work at an apartment complex, our client was unable to secure payment from the building owner for the work performed.  We filed suit and proceeded to Arbitration where we secured a Judgment against the building owner for the full amount of the contract.

Landlord/Tenant – Our client owned a local commercial property which he had leased to a retail tenant.  The tenant abandoned the property leaving our client with a mess to clean up and unpaid rent.  We filed suit against the tenant and resolved the case prior to Arbitration on very favorable terms for our client.

Mortgage Foreclosure – After we filed an Answer to the Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint to provide our client with additional time, the bank filed a Motion for Summary Judgment against our client which, if granted, would speed up the foreclosure.  We filed a formal Response to the Motion with a host of legal arguments and the Court denied the bank's Motion.

Estate Administration – Our client's mother passed away while administering an Estate, and certain family members would not consent to our client taking over the administration.  We Petitioned the Register of Wills and attended a Hearing on our client's behalf, after which our client was appointed to administer the Estate her mother had previously handled.

Disclaimer:  The results presented herein are real but are presented here for illustrative and informative purposes only and should not, under any circumstances, be used or interpreted as a promise or guarantee of success. Each matter is different, and the handling of each matter varies along with the respective results. Please contact our office to discuss the facts of your particular situation.